"I am organized, addicted to detail, and able to foresee consequences of change." read more...

There's nothing I love more than setting up efficient systems, and this is true in both my professional and personal lives. I am organized, addicted … [more...]

I am uncleCare's Program Manager. We are creating the future for the way healthcare is managed by giving patients the power to engage more easily in … [more...]

I completed a 3-month certificate program at the Cornell University College of Engineering called "Customer-Focused Product and Service Design." Some … [more...]

At PokitDok I served as the Product Manager as well as the all-around 'glue' keeping projects together. I began as PokitDok's Lead Front End Developer … [more...]

HighWire is the electronic publisher of over 1500 scholarly publications such as Science Magazine, the British Medical Journal, and the Journal of the … [more...]

This site is my favorite because it was my first WWW site. Back in 1994 it was cutting-edge, so don't laugh at how dated it looks now! Portfolio was … [more...]

With this personal project I learned about community-building and running a group blog. I heavily customized the php as well as the front-facing … [more...]

This personal project was my first attempt at a user-submitted content site. Uses WordPress plugins and heavy customization to let anyone submit to … [more...]

A personal project I used as an excuse to learn the Genesis WordPress theme framework. Heavily customized workflow involving Mars Edit and custom … [more...]

With this personal project I created a Google Custom Search Engine which searches for handmade goods. Sellers of handmade products can request to be … [more...]

My Skillset:

product management
project management
graphic design
ui design
program management
front-end web development
basic PHP
customizing wordpress
genesis wordpress framework
forum software
user-generated content
thesis wordpress framework
Google CSE
community management