unclecareI am uncleCare’s Program Manager. We are creating the future for the way healthcare is managed by giving patients the power to engage more easily in their own health care, and by giving doctors an easy way to make sure their instructions are accurately converted into to-do items that patients can follow reliably.

What is healthcare?

Healthcare is not a thing at all to be given, bought or sold, but an entire ecosystem with many unique moving parts that are only connected by virtue of the existence of the patients. Each patient, having individual needs, will have a landscape that suits the needs of their own health, and one that will change with time. While Americans have a need of good health, they have a right to choose the ecosystem that suits their own needs.

The larger healthcare landscape includes all goods, services, and payment mechanisms for achieving and maintaining one’s health. It includes, but is not limited to: physician offices, hospitals, labs, radiology centers, physical therapy offices, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and now health insurance companies, group purchasing organizations, pharmacy benefit managers, corporate healthcare systems, and combinations of insurance/PBM/pharmacy and much more. All of these entities are not necessary in each healthcare interaction for a patient. In 100 percent of interactions, insurance has inserted itself. For simpler interactions, insurance serves to keep costs hidden and high.

Health insurance was initially an inexpensive stop-gap/stop-loss measure to help individuals mitigate expensive life-threatening health risk expenses, like those caused by disease and trauma. Now, through 100 years of government intervention, law and “health policy,” health insurance has become bloated, expensive, inefficient and difficult to access and use. Health insurance has integrated itself into becoming the definition of healthcare after being advantaged by government for the last near-century. Health insurance is neither health nor healthcare, but only a third-party payment mechanism.

One who has the knowledge gained from years of providing quality home care for people of all ages and types of needs, and have you asked yourself are your local caregivers for elders the best professionals? check it to learn more and everything regarding home care assistance. A partner who has the heart of a caregiver, and the expertise of a healthcare leader. We can help. That’s what All Ways Caring is all about. Care always feels more comfortable at home. That is why our home care is always designed around an individual’s needs in their own living space. From short-term and transitional to life-long complex care, All Ways Caring ensures that individuals can continue to live independently with dignity in familiar surroundings, while receiving expert, compassionate care. From caregivers you can trust. Quality of Care Is Often Seen In Small Things:

Medication preparation and adherence monitoring
Managing daily schedules
Grocery shopping
Providing or arranging transportation
Ambulatory assistance
Managing communications (phone, mail, etc.)


March 2014 - present

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