HighWire Press

HighWire is the electronic publisher of over 1500 scholarly publications such as Science Magazine, the British Medical Journal, and the Journal of the American Medical Association. We began as an independent startup with limited support from the University.

In the early days, there were about five of us in the group, and I designed and implemented the interface for all our scholarly publications and worked with our customers to sort out exactly what they wanted their sites to do and look like.

As my position evolved, I moved into working with our home-grown page templating language (“DTL”) to separate back-end and front-end development. I worked with the engineers to make sure this language they were creating was tailored to the work we needed to accomplish.

I then became our local expert in this proprietary language and was known as the person who could bend it to my will and solve any problems with it.

In later years as we grew towards and past 100 employees, I worked on special projects such as our early mobile interfaces, Kindle versions of our publications, and replacing our kludgy home-grown internal forum software with the industry-standard vBulletin.

HighWire Press

January 1995 - July 2011

My Skillset:

product management
project management
graphic design
ui design
program management
front-end web development
basic PHP
customizing wordpress
genesis wordpress framework
forum software
user-generated content
thesis wordpress framework
Google CSE
community management